Space Invaders

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This is a remake of the space invader phaser example, which you can find here: This remake is made with require.js, which breaks up the code into modules. Modules are in assets/javascript/module Code is more organized thanks to State and Statemanager class from Phaser. You can find the states in assets/javascript/state I used Phaser 2.0.1(no Physics) from the Dev branch. The dev branch has a lot of bug fixes so it's recommended to use it. Thanks to require.js, i made an optimized version of my game, which can be viewed with indexOpt.html. This use the "compiled" code, which can be found in assets/javascript/built Known issue: In every new play state(after the end state) the game makes new DOM nodes. The cause: in every cycle i make a new text to show the score. I tried to destroy the texts but i never succeed. You can play with it here:

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