3D Hartwig Chess Set Master

3D chess game done in HTML/CSS/JS. See it in action : Libraries Photon : Chess.js :
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Alien Invasion

This is the sample game that is built in the first three Chapter of mobile HTML5 Game Development. It is released under both the GPL and MIT license to do with what you will. Playable Version: link for mobile:
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Space Invaders

This is a remake of the space invader phaser example, which you can find here: This remake is made with require.js, which breaks up the code into modules. Modules are in assets/javascript/module Code is more organized thanks to State and Statemanager class from Phaser. You can find the states in assets/javascript/state I used Phaser 2.0.1(no Physics) from the Dev bran...
From US$ 2.99